June 16 (7.30-10.30pm)

Thirsty Dog Tavern
Karangahape Rd
Auckland, New Zealand

The first ever Māori Stephen Dedalus will be appearing in this year's Bloomsday celebrations in New Zealand. George Henare, from the tribes of Ngati Porou and Ngati Hine, is one of the most distinguished actors in the country. He has performed in film and television, but he is best known for his stage work.
photo of George Henare

He's in for a busy night. Not only is he playing Stephen Dedalus but he is also doubling up -- trebling, in fact -- as Gerty MacDowell and Bella Cohen. 
Hershal Herscher and Linn Lorkin
in front of the Thirsty Dog Tavern

Bloomsday in Auckland is the only Hiberno-Hebrew Bloomsday in the world, with Bloom played by New Yorker Hershal Herscher and klezmer music provided by the Jews Brothers Band. 

Jews Brothers' Bloomsday: a night of quick change and fast music!

Email for more info. 

Bloomsday in Saratov 2012. Rejoice!

Irish Rejoicing dedicated to Ulysses written by James Joyce

Ladies and gentlemen!
• If you are enamoured with literature and James Joyce and all thro’ your life you’ve been craving to fete good and proper Bloomsday -- videlicet a frivolous rejoicing of Leopold Bloom correlated with the Novel’s events 
• If your life lacks hot times in the jolly clique of poetry saturnalias, juicy adventures and other follies.
• If you want to visit the city if kind hearts and big shoulders -- Dublin -- embodied artistically on paper by a remarkable Saratov artist or just visually as some artefacts kindly provided by Sergey Khoruzhiy. 

Go on the razzle-dazzle! Rejoice in the honour of James Joyce!

The great hedonistic feast of arts, love and life!

On June 16 we’re going to have something EPIC! We need you – participants, assistants and funders. Audience is organised by previous appointment. Don’t hesitate!

*+ grilled pork kidneys, scrotumtightening sea of Irish alcohol and lots of other interesting things inspired by the novel Ulysses by James Joyce

artwork by Natasha Krassilnikova

Saturday, June 16, 5 pm

On permanent display: artworks by Natasha Krassilnikova, Julia Krassilnikova and Vasiliy Ryumshin

5 pm - Bombastic Bloomsday Speech

5:30 pm – Bloomsday Ulysses Readings

6 pm – Juice Ulysses U.P.: A stage performance of readings

7 pm – Poetry readings

8 pm – Music, please:
• Irish folk dances from Mariya Melkova's studio        
• classical music from The New Music Theatre                
• blues jam from The Joyride                
• a mini-gig of the band "Igra v biser"

9 pm – Prose readings; Russian translations of Joyce’s ribald letters

10 pm – Bloomsday Mystery Horseplay (with audience participation)

2 am – afterparty: time for dinner and ale

Email Sergey Zotov  for more info.

A BIG book is read (again) in little Baraboo!

The citizenry of Baraboo, WI (assisted by tourists and regional guests) will read James Joyce's novel Ulysses beginning at 8 am on Saturday June 16, 2012 in their 9th annual celebration of Bloomsday.

The entire book will be read aloud with everyone taking 1/2 hour turns at the 20th Century's most influential (and quite possibly its best) novel. As long as there is someone available to read, the event continues on. Organizers expect to complete the reading sometime on Monday, June 18.

This will be the 9th year that Ulysses is read in Baraboo, a small city of 12,000 nestled in the beautiful and ancient Baraboo Bluffs in Wisconsin's Driftless Area. Participants include city officials, college students, business owners, grandmas, campers from nearby Devils Lake, state politicians, news reporters, factory workers, and farmers. Special Joyce buttons and a celebratory 90th birthday cake will be offered to all intrepid participants.

This year, the event will again raise funds for the Baraboo Literacy Council. 

"We grew up on The Wisconsin Idea here. Significant cultural events are not just the property of large urban areas or even the 'educated'. Reading Ulysses aloud with friends, neighbors, the local principal, and the family dentist pretty much sums up what we're about" says event organizer Annie Randall of the Village Booksmith (a used bookstore with many free cultural events) where the reading takes place. "Besides, after 8 years of listening to Joyce's marvelous prose, we're starting to actually get it!" 

For more information, call 608-355-1001.
31st Annual Marathon Celebration of James Joyce’s Ulysses


Hosted and Staged by Isaiah Sheffer

Symphony Space in partnership with the Irish Arts Center

Saturday, June 16 -- 7pm until after midnight

There’s no better way to greet summer than with Symphony Space’s 31st annual BLOOMSDAY ON BROADWAY, celebrating the life, love, and language in James Joyce's ULYSSES.  This year we pay tribute to the music and songs throughout Ulysses with “Music in Bloom.”  For the first time in Bloomsday on Broadway history, listen to a reading of the entire “Sirens” episode with full performances of the music central to the drama. 
Broadway star DAVID MARGULIES performs the role of Mr. Bloom and director-host ISAIAH SHEFFER narrates.  And, of course, no Bloomsday on Broadway would be complete without FIONNULA FLANAGAN bringing down the house with the final “yes” of the entire uncensored Molly Bloom monologue. 

Tickets:  $25; Members $20;

UNDER 30 (with ID) only $15

Visit the Irish Arts Center website to find out more. 
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A Bloomsday performance happens during the 2012 What You Will Festival of Improvised Music. Click here to find out more about the performers, audio recordings and photos. 
photo of a sculpture by Dale Johnson
& What You Will Festival location (2011)
photo credit: Dan Focht

Bloomsday in Santa Maria
June 16, 2012

Centro Cultural CESMA
(10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.)

Ponto de Cinema
(3:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m.)

Cooperativa de Estudantes de Santa MariaPonto de Cinema, and Aguinaldo Medici Severino co-present Bloomsday 2012 in Santa Maria, Brazil. This will be the 19th annual Bloomsday celebration presented in Santa Maria. 
Bloomsday Dinner with The Queen of Luxuria, Molly Bloom and André Schürmann

Saturday, June 16 (7 p.m.)

Guerilla Smiles
1371 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago

You are invited to come to a Bloomsday Dinner, with performances by the Queen of Luxuria, Molly Bloom and André Schürmann. For dinner reservations please RSVP to
The Queen of Luxuria at the Jackson Junge Gallery (10/2011)
photos by Jamie Gannon
The First Annual TLN Bloomsday Garden Party

2012 is the 90th anniversary of the first edition of Ulysses..Bloomsday was first celebrated in 1954, though the novel takes place in 1904.
  • WHERE: NE PDX (details TBA)
  • WHEN: 3–7 PM wander in, picnic on
  • HOW: we're finalizing how to reserve (stay tuned)
3:00–4:30 ► Ulysses In An Hour: Wander among 30-odd readers to hear the fullness of Ulysses in an hourl! CALL FOR READERS: Be part of Bloomsday history (and get free admission). Get in touch.

4:30–6:00 ► SPECIAL GUESTS: ★ Chris Hagen of Powell's Books discusses his Ulysses collection (with show'n'tell) ★ Chuck Barnes does music from Ulysses and beyond on the banjo  and the proverbial more.

6:00–7:00 ► The first ever HugoBall Test Match: We're inaugurating a brand new avant-garde sport, HugoBall! Think Dada croquet. Sort of. Get in touch to participate. No experience possible.

Bloomsday in Croatia schedule --

16 June 2012 (Saturday) in Zagreb

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:
09:00-11:00- Joseph Strick's Ulysses (1967)

11:00 - Official Welcome

11:15 - The Devil reJoyced: on illustrating James Joyce's “The Cat and the Devil”

11:45 - Opening of Tomislav Torjanac's exhibition of paintings from The Cat and the Devil

12:15 - "Joyce's tropes and narrative strategies: gnomon, epiphany, montage and hypermnesia" - Professor Ljiljana Ina Gjurgjan

12:45 - 2nd speaker TBA

13:15 - "The Possibilities of Translating Ulysses into Film" Igor Jurilj

13:45 - "The Female Ulysses – James Joyce and Queer Melancholia In Emma Donoghue’s Hood" – Ana Tomčić

Main Square:
16:00 - Reading of Ithaca (episode 17 of Ulysses) – Main Square
16:30 - Walking tour - "With The Book Around Zagreb"
21:00 - Reading of Penelope (ep 18 of Ulysses)
21:30 - Singing and Drinking (location TBA)

image by Robert Berry and Josh Levitas

17 June 2012 (Sunday) Pula
15:00 - Reading of Wandering Rocks
15:30 - Walking tour - in Joyce's footsteps around Pola

Ulysses Cafe: 
18:00 - Joyce and writing Dubliners in Pola - Claire Culleton 
20:00 – Reading of Calypso (episode 4 of Ulysses)

Contact: Igor Jurilj
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Zagreb
Bloomsday in Bray, Ireland begins in the morning at the childhood home of James Joyce, and concludes in the Ballroom of the Royal Hotel. 

Contact Shane Rowan to find out more about Bloomsday in Bray. 
above: video of a performance during Bloomsday in Bray 2010