The Paris Bloomsday group

presents songs and readings
from James Joyce's Ulysses

Bloomsday, 16 June 2012 (8 pm)

The Highlander
8 Rue de Nevers, 75006 Paris

Declan McCavana, Jean O’Sullivan & Michael Gradwell
working on the Bloomsday programme in a Paris café. 

The Paris Bloomsday group is a Paris-based trio of Irish academics and editors (Michael Gradwell, Declan McCavana and Jean O’Sullivan) who have been meeting regularly for over a decade to read from Joyce's work.
Bloomsday at the Highlander café/théatre will be presided by poet Derry O’Sullivan. Michael, Declan and Jean will read eight key excerpts from Ulysses interspersed with six songs from Jean and Chantal de Barra. Lyrics are provided for the audience to sing the choruses of everything from "Those lovely Seaside Girls" to "Love's old Sweet Song".

Instructive and amusing, the performance aims to appeal to both neophytes and confirmed Joyceans of all backgrounds. 

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