June 16 (7.30-10.30pm)

Thirsty Dog Tavern
Karangahape Rd
Auckland, New Zealand

The first ever Māori Stephen Dedalus will be appearing in this year's Bloomsday celebrations in New Zealand. George Henare, from the tribes of Ngati Porou and Ngati Hine, is one of the most distinguished actors in the country. He has performed in film and television, but he is best known for his stage work.
photo of George Henare

He's in for a busy night. Not only is he playing Stephen Dedalus but he is also doubling up -- trebling, in fact -- as Gerty MacDowell and Bella Cohen. 
Hershal Herscher and Linn Lorkin
in front of the Thirsty Dog Tavern

Bloomsday in Auckland is the only Hiberno-Hebrew Bloomsday in the world, with Bloom played by New Yorker Hershal Herscher and klezmer music provided by the Jews Brothers Band. 

Jews Brothers' Bloomsday: a night of quick change and fast music!

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