Bloomsday in Saratov 2012. Rejoice!

Irish Rejoicing dedicated to Ulysses written by James Joyce

Ladies and gentlemen!
• If you are enamoured with literature and James Joyce and all thro’ your life you’ve been craving to fete good and proper Bloomsday -- videlicet a frivolous rejoicing of Leopold Bloom correlated with the Novel’s events 
• If your life lacks hot times in the jolly clique of poetry saturnalias, juicy adventures and other follies.
• If you want to visit the city if kind hearts and big shoulders -- Dublin -- embodied artistically on paper by a remarkable Saratov artist or just visually as some artefacts kindly provided by Sergey Khoruzhiy. 

Go on the razzle-dazzle! Rejoice in the honour of James Joyce!

The great hedonistic feast of arts, love and life!

On June 16 we’re going to have something EPIC! We need you – participants, assistants and funders. Audience is organised by previous appointment. Don’t hesitate!

*+ grilled pork kidneys, scrotumtightening sea of Irish alcohol and lots of other interesting things inspired by the novel Ulysses by James Joyce

artwork by Natasha Krassilnikova

Saturday, June 16, 5 pm

On permanent display: artworks by Natasha Krassilnikova, Julia Krassilnikova and Vasiliy Ryumshin

5 pm - Bombastic Bloomsday Speech

5:30 pm – Bloomsday Ulysses Readings

6 pm – Juice Ulysses U.P.: A stage performance of readings

7 pm – Poetry readings

8 pm – Music, please:
• Irish folk dances from Mariya Melkova's studio        
• classical music from The New Music Theatre                
• blues jam from The Joyride                
• a mini-gig of the band "Igra v biser"

9 pm – Prose readings; Russian translations of Joyce’s ribald letters

10 pm – Bloomsday Mystery Horseplay (with audience participation)

2 am – afterparty: time for dinner and ale

Email Sergey Zotov  for more info.

Bloomsday in Croatia schedule --

16 June 2012 (Saturday) in Zagreb

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:
09:00-11:00- Joseph Strick's Ulysses (1967)

11:00 - Official Welcome

11:15 - The Devil reJoyced: on illustrating James Joyce's “The Cat and the Devil”

11:45 - Opening of Tomislav Torjanac's exhibition of paintings from The Cat and the Devil

12:15 - "Joyce's tropes and narrative strategies: gnomon, epiphany, montage and hypermnesia" - Professor Ljiljana Ina Gjurgjan

12:45 - 2nd speaker TBA

13:15 - "The Possibilities of Translating Ulysses into Film" Igor Jurilj

13:45 - "The Female Ulysses – James Joyce and Queer Melancholia In Emma Donoghue’s Hood" – Ana Tomčić

Main Square:
16:00 - Reading of Ithaca (episode 17 of Ulysses) – Main Square
16:30 - Walking tour - "With The Book Around Zagreb"
21:00 - Reading of Penelope (ep 18 of Ulysses)
21:30 - Singing and Drinking (location TBA)

image by Robert Berry and Josh Levitas

17 June 2012 (Sunday) Pula
15:00 - Reading of Wandering Rocks
15:30 - Walking tour - in Joyce's footsteps around Pola

Ulysses Cafe: 
18:00 - Joyce and writing Dubliners in Pola - Claire Culleton 
20:00 – Reading of Calypso (episode 4 of Ulysses)

Contact: Igor Jurilj
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Zagreb
Bloomsday in Bray, Ireland begins in the morning at the childhood home of James Joyce, and concludes in the Ballroom of the Royal Hotel. 

Contact Shane Rowan to find out more about Bloomsday in Bray. 
above: video of a performance during Bloomsday in Bray 2010

The Paris Bloomsday group

presents songs and readings
from James Joyce's Ulysses

Bloomsday, 16 June 2012 (8 pm)

The Highlander
8 Rue de Nevers, 75006 Paris

Declan McCavana, Jean O’Sullivan & Michael Gradwell
working on the Bloomsday programme in a Paris café. 

The Paris Bloomsday group is a Paris-based trio of Irish academics and editors (Michael Gradwell, Declan McCavana and Jean O’Sullivan) who have been meeting regularly for over a decade to read from Joyce's work.
Bloomsday at the Highlander café/théatre will be presided by poet Derry O’Sullivan. Michael, Declan and Jean will read eight key excerpts from Ulysses interspersed with six songs from Jean and Chantal de Barra. Lyrics are provided for the audience to sing the choruses of everything from "Those lovely Seaside Girls" to "Love's old Sweet Song".

Instructive and amusing, the performance aims to appeal to both neophytes and confirmed Joyceans of all backgrounds. 

For more information contact the Paris Bloomsday group by email:
The James Joyce Centre in Dublin presents a week-long Bloomsday Festival, beginning with a James Joyce Bicycle Tour (June 10) and concluding with readings and discussions on Bloomsday.
Words of literature…..spread the WORD….9th Annual Bloomsday 2012


A Celebration of Literature - Words - Wit - Wisdom - Where?

James Joyce’s book Ulysses depicts the events of one day when Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom took their epic journey through Dublin.

For millions of people, June 16 is an extraordinary day. On that day in 1904, Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom each took their epic journeys through Dublin in James Joyce's Ulysses, the world's most highly acclaimed modern novel. 

"Bloomsday", as it is now known, has become a tradition for Joyce enthusiasts all over the world. From Tokyo to Sydney, San Francisco to Paris, Trieste to.... Northampton, dozens of cities around the globe hold their own Bloomsday festivities. The celebrations usually include readings as well as staged re-enactments and street-side improvisations of scenes from the story.
Peter Mulligan reading from Ulysses
at Kingsthorpe Cemetary during the 2011 Bloomsday celebration in Northampton. 
Photo credit: Gerry Molumby
Lucia Anna Joyce's grave
photo credit: Peter Mulligan

To celebrate that special day, known as Bloomsday, the Irish Community Arts Project will present a reading by invited literary figures at the graveside of Lucia Anna Joyce who died in Northampton in 1982. Like many of us the Joyce family are part of the Irish Diaspora and as such we remember this family.

The event will take place at 3pm on Saturday 16th June 2012 at Kingsthorpe Cemetery, Northampton. The Triskelion Theatre Company will perform in period costume.

Further details from
Peter Mulligan
Project Co-ordinator
NCA Arts Project
Northampton Connolly Association
5 Woodland Avenue
Abington Park
Northampton NN3 2BY

Tel. 01604-715793
The James Joyce Italian Foundation hosts the "Joyce e l'Italia ("Joyce and/in Italy)" -- 2012 JJIF Graduate Conferece at Roma Tre University later this week. You can download the program by clicking here, or contact Franca Ruggieri for further information. 
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