The University of Victoria is launching the Modernist Versions Project (MVP) on June 15, 2012 with a celebration at Peacock Billiards in Victoria, B.C. In time for Bloomsday we will also be revealing our #yearofulysses YOU campaign. 
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Janine Utell reading Ulysses. Click here to see Eve Arnold's photograph of Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses (Long Island, New York, 1955). 
Bloomsday Montreal, Thursday June 14 – Saturday June 16On June 16th, Montrealers celebrate Bloomsday, the date made famous in James Joyce’s Ulysses, with an all-day roster of activities. Anyone interested in Ulysses, Joyce, or things Irish, please mark June 16 on your calendar! Festivities will be held all over the city, including McGill University, the McCord Museum, Atwater Library, and many of the city’s Irish pubs.

Bloomsday 2012 Montreal’s aim is to unite Montrealers with enthusiasts staging Bloomsday events in more than 60 other cities around the world.

Events from June 14-16 include: Music of all types, storytelling and dramatization, dancing, talks on James Joyce, films on Bloomsday and the Irish, a Ulysses/Joyce trivia contest, and public readings of Ulysses in many of the languages of Montreal’s cultural communities. This event will be an occasion to celebrate the universality of this great novel, both its themes and the people who love it.

Visit the Bloomsday Montreal web page for more information.