Staten Island OutLOUD presents
our 10th annual Bloomsday OutLOUD -- 

Saturday, June 16 (8pm)
4 St Pauls Cafe
4 St Pauls Avenue
Staten Island, NY  10301

We'll read excerpts from Ulysses with live music by Guy Klucevsek, reknowned avant-garde musician.

The event is free and open to the public.

Bloomsday Celebration
in the New York Supreme Court Building

Friday, June 15, 2012 (noon-2 p.m.)

Ceremonial Courtroom
New York Supreme Court Building
60 Centre Street
New York, NY

James Joyce did not just give us one of the greatest works of world literature, Ulysses, celebrated worldwide on the day it memorialized, June 16, 2012.  He also gave us a landmark ruling in U.S. First Amendment jurisprudence.  This year, the Irish American Bar Association of New York holds its fourth annual Bloomsday celebration on June 15, 2012 (one day before the actual Bloomsday), celebrating Joyce’s contribution to the principle of free speech.  Keynote speaker, the Hon. Adrian Hardiman, Justice of the Irish Supreme Court, will deliver the John Quinn Memorial Address, named after the famed Irish-American lawyer who represented Joyce’s publishers in their criminal prosecution for obscenity.  His address will be followed by a re-enactment of the 1921 trial in which the publishers were convicted and fined $50 each.  
The event also features readings from Ulysses. This event has been over-subscribed in its first three years, and is one of the most unique and memorable Bloomsday celebrations you will experience.

This event is free.  Please RSVP to Domhnall O'Cathain:

Paris, 1923. Ford Madox Ford, publisher of the transatlantic review; James Joyce; Ezra Pound; and John Quinn, the New York lawyer who defended the Little Review when they were prosecuted for publishing Ulysses in 1921.

Photo: John Quinn Memorial Collection, Rare Books and Manuscripts Division, The New York Public Library.

12th Annual Rattlin’ of the Joists: Celebrating
the Life and Work of James Joyce
with the Bloomsday Celebration
at the Irish American Heritage Center

Saturday, June 16 (8pm)

Donations accepted.

Irish American Heritage Center
4626 N. Knox Ave.
Chicago, IL   60630

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Celebrate the life and works of writer James Joyce with the Irish American Heritage Center’s annual Bloomsday Celebration, Rattlin’ of the Joists this June. Josephine Craven directs.

The annual event includes performances with readings, music and song, presented by notables from Chicago’s theatre and music community, including Brad Armacost, Brendan Gregg, Vera Kelly, Brigid Duffy Gerace, Kevin Cassidy and Mark Piekarz.

On June 16, 1904, writer James Joyce met his future wife, Nora Barnacle and immortalized the date in his monumental epic, Ulysses. Modern Joyce aficionados have denoted June 16 "Bloomsday"; a day set aside throughout the world to honor the great man and his controversial and thought-provoking works. 

The 12th annual Rattlin’ of the Joists is Saturday, June 16 at 8pm at the IAHC and is a benefit for the IAHC. Donations are accepted. For more information, call the IAHC 773-282-7035.

Programming at the Irish American Heritage Center is supported, in part, by generous grants from The Illinois Arts Council, CityArts grants, from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Humanities Council.

The Irish American Heritage Center, which occupies an 86,000 square foot building on the City's northwest side, near Wilson Avenue and the Edens Expressway, at 4626 North Knox, fosters the practice, study and celebration of Irish, Celtic, and Irish-American cultural traditions. For more information, call 773-282-7035, or visit

Bloomsday in Orlando

June 16 (6-9 p.m.)

Urban ReThink
625 E Central Blvd.
Orlando, FL  32801

The Drunken Odyssey with John King and fellow cohorts will celebrate Bloomsday at Urban ReThink in downtown Orlando.

 There will be Irish food and drink and readings from James Joyce’s rollicking novel.

John King is a scholar who has published on Ulysses and a creative writer and a podcaster whose Drunken Odyssey launches on June 10th.

The Next Objectivists & Ulysses

Thursday, June 14 (8 p.m.)

Mess Hall
6932 N. Glenwood Ave.
Chicago, IL  60626

free and open to the public

You are invited to attend a Next Objectivists meeting during which we will creatively explore James Joyce's Ulysses. We will read and discuss pieces of writing that have used Joyce's works as inspiration -- such as writings by John Cage
In collaboration with the Borderbend Arts Collective, the Next Objectivists will celebrate Bloomsday by reading & writing through the "Eumaeus" episode of Ulysses

This will be the first of a two-part workshop dedicated to Joyce & a question that has been haunting us for a while, which we have conceptualized as "radical banality." When, where & how does an overcommitment to the banal, the humdrum, the petty & quaint, the everyday slog & habitual mechanizations of routine pass over into its opposite--extraordinary puncture? How do we & might we feel about projects such as Joyce's, which novelize in epic fashion quotidian banalities? 

Participants will be invited to workshop poems that use passages from Ulysses as grist. Several strategies will be used during writing activities, such as an Oulipo method. Some pieces of writing generated during this Next Objectivists meeting will be made available to the public by Bloomsday. 
During the second workshop (on June 21), the Next Objectivists will continue to explore these questions by reading & writing our way through sections of Finnegans Wake (a word file of selections is attached). In both workshops, we will employ automatic writing, acrostics & other surrealist & oulipian techniques as keys to help us unlock these texts.

Join us! As always, the Next Objectivists' workshops are free and open to the public. All meetings are held at the Mess Hall.

Finally, the Next Objectivists' summer schedule is now available at

Note: Click here to read the poems that were written during this workshop. 

Bloomsday in Buenos Aires

June 16th (5 p.m.)

Salón J.L.Ortiz

Biblioteca Nacional (National Library)

Free and open tot the public. 
Promoted by the Embassy of Ireland in Argentina and organized by the Asociación Argentino Irlandesa "Guillermo Brown" de Capital Federal

Check out the Bloomsday in Buenos Aires page on Facebook, and email for more info.