Ulysses & You -- Q's & A's: 

We're gathering for audio responses: 

1. What made you first decide to read Ulysses? (Did you start reading it on your own, while you were taking a class, in a book club, etc.)

2. What's one thing that you remember about reading Ulysses for the first time?

3. If you're reading Ulysses for the first time, what's one impression you're having of this experience? 

4. If you're rereading Ulysses, how is this time around different for you than the first time you read the novel? 
5. What's your favorite chapter in Ulysses

6. What's your favorite sentence in Ulysses

7. Who's your favorite character in Ulysses

We'd like to hear from you... Please choose one of those aforementioned questions, and record yourself responding to one of those questions. Then email Ulysses90th@gmail.com, with Bloomsday 2012 Q&A in the subject line, and we'll coordinate a way for you to send your audio response to us. 

More audio responses will be made available here soon. Stay tuned for updates! 



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