Ormond Hotel (Shira Shirim): the altercation
with a truculent troglodyte in

still, “at the holy show I am”, where his went, “her white”, who promised her, letterwrit, upturned stoodup, idle whose sainted eyes, who left without having written her, burr, “By went his eyes”, two boots, to wit, she, to boot, I, drowsy, in silence, go, “amoroso ma non troppo”, “the rhododendrons”, one, foursquare, archaicmurmured one, plus one drop but none create, “all harpsichording”, pianosuspended, all repressing accusing lull, kidneychoaked, sings, “M’appari tutt’amor”, amorousness, inertia mashed torpor, but the music of this this, who promised her incisions, horsd’ouevres, isness of a previous horse, my stiletto in your falsetto, of course, no Stetson can, “With a cock with a carra”, cocksureheaded, sic, est, hic

Bernard Kiernan's premises (holocaust):
a blank period of time including a

dogsology, the Pilgrim’s Plagiar, Mu, Per che non pioggia, “Honorable members of”, fiction from non, four million fifteen thousand six hundred and, seventy six, I, too, have speech, a day’s anti vitae, fed lambaste, disloquacity, our butter breaded and, beatéduppéd, on a timid, figured page, revisederasedadrift, matriculated amiably, quando inver’ Madïan discese I colli, “Ho ho begob” he slobbed, deep-throated Engins belcht, “Arrah!”, squelch’d and splash’d the Gorgons disgorg’d, it is the blackbird of Darrycarn that Finn brought from Norway, “for he was a malefactor”, [italics mine], acque alzaof reviv’d Adonise calma, to emphasize “Kiernan and Co.”, by whose clues bloomed aplenty, in hiddened arhỳthms, erst wooéd, bolster up my memory, speak in postulates

cardrive, a visit to a house of mourning, 
a leavetaking (wilderness): the

Ora Pro Nobis”, for instance, consubstantial, “Clery’s summer sale”, for example, gratuitous, et lie sey-wrakis earundem, at least to all who heard, evanescent, he, who was hard pressed, hard on the head, in hand, and so forth, and wept, with thumbs a’thrummin, “Ora Pro Nobis”, so wrought with apparition, etiquette, et cetera, and tapestry, scantily, O Michaellike cocksbody, “The new I want,” the how the whomever, a hand in the morrow, shipwreck, “seawrack”, now nausea, escapes the whom and, spilled somehow, “All quiet on Howth now”, in summary, fertile lectern, finally, she participates, a wrested front, Western and, harder pressed, recited, “Ora Pro Nobis”, orbs abounding, “aimed the ball once or twice and”

eroticism produced by feminine exhibitionism (rite of Onan):
the prolonged

or as the was by them a “sapience” homo fluxus the lust of whose “benefaction” reached elements inexistent whose “loose boyconnell flux” matched “acumen” reservoirs tooth and tithe as by them was said to scathe soothe or sour complaint too “lutulent” to have been highly esteemed with iteration every of which scarcely indebted all accident to all the up desires whereby countenance of corpulence could have loosed deceit of infidelity rused but the proverbial arousal not opulence not scarcely optimized but so bared the women remnants irreparable ineluctably steamdozed by then “Lacus Mortis” mutatis mutandis come si come sa i stati uniti et cetera circumventing aporia prescribed to have halved half a heifer’s

Note: "Sedici, Ulysses" by Christophe Casamassima is appearing in installments. Click here to read more stanzas from the poem. 


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