Who bleached the false-messenger?
Try it. You may mention my name.

When does the sun rise next week?

—Look here. Here they are. A friend of mine sent me.

Why am I so surreal just now?
—We woke this morning at seven o’clock.

What is the true meaning of resurrection?
He toured the wide world with Hengler’s Royal Circus.

What time is it?
—A beautiful language. I mean for singing purposes.

If the brown cow ate black grass what color would his dung be?
—Not as much as a farthing to purchase a night’s lodging.

To whom was the package sent?
—A few broken biscuits were all the result of his investigation.

What name would you never screw?
—The fill the ear of a cow elephant.
What the hell are you doing with your life?
—I seen him shoot two eggs off two bottles at fifty yards over his shoulder.

Who invests in vacation homes and makes lots of cash?
—Sounds are impostures, Stephen said after a pause of some little time, like names.

Why synthesize when you could analyze? 
—My little woman’s down there. She’s waiting for me, I know. For England, home and beauty.

What kind of cake would you die for?
--I seen a crocodile bite a fluke of an anchor same as I chew that quid.

Note: The second line of each couplet is taken from Ulysses ("Eumaeus" section).

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