A Bloomsday performance happened during the What You Will Festival of Improvised Music. This happened during a wonderful day teeming with concerts by trios, quartets & larger ensembles from the Midwest and New York -- on a sculpture-filled farm in Sunbury, Ohio. There was also scrumptious gumbo simmering on a fire, but that's another story... 

Leo Daedalus, Joe Vajarsky, Veronica Tonkin, Dale Johnson, Gerard Cox, Josephine Craven and Nathalia Hudina read passages from Ulysses, and James Cornish (baritone horn), Hasan Abdur-Razzaq (percussion), Anthony Poretti (drums) and Albert Wildeman (upright bass) accompanied the readers with improvised music. Dan Godston curated this performance. 
photo credit: Dan Godston


06/18/2012 2:47pm

This is great! It was an honor to kick off the Ulysses reading (stately, plump!) telephonically from way over in Portland, Oregon. I could only widely speculate as to what the amazing sounds were that I was hearing on the other end.

07/23/2012 4:31am

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